Foto: Evelina Sundelin

Foto: Evelina Sundelin

Welcome to Föglö

Föglö is one of the 16 municipalities of the Åland Islands. Föglö is accessible by ferry from Svinö in Lumparland about 30 kilometres from Mariehamn. There is also a ferryservice from Galtby (on the Finnish mainland), which stops in Överö, Föglö.

Short facts about Föglö kommun

Föglö has about 530 inhabitants, living in 22 villages. The area is 135 km2. The villages are situated on Föglös larger islands which are connected by bridges, causeways and one cable-ferry. The economy has mainly been based on seafaring and fishfarming, but also on tourism and other services.


The name Föglö, or Fyghelde according to an itinerary dated around 1240, is of German origin and means "the Place of many birds". The main shippingroute between Sweden and Finland crosses Föglö and has done so from the viking era. During the great wars between Sweden and Russia in the 18th Century a famous naval battle was fought at Flisö and the local population suffered severly.


Föglö has a varying nature with hundreds of islands and skerries. On the main islands the farmed land and needlewoods are dominant. The villages of Vargskär and Näversholma are known for their rare vegetation. In Föglö´s Southern parts the islands get smaller and smaller until they are only rocks in the sea. The finest way to explore the nature is by canoe, from which you are able to observe the birdlife nearby and make your way through the small channels.


The Church

Next to an old sailing route the Church of Maria Magdalena is found, one of the medieval churches of Åland, probably stemming from the beginning of the 14th century. During the last restoration in 1967 a crucifix was found in the old altarground. It contained a pergament with the text "Maria Magdalena" and a piece of bone believed to have come from the Saint of that name.

Föglö museum

The small museum in Degerby is located in a warehouse that was built in 1826 and used by the customs to store goods. Since 1982 different exhibitions, showing aspects of Life in Föglö in past and present times, have been shown every year. Open only during summer.


Enigheten has been an inn for seafarers for hundreds of years and is now again a guest house. The farmstead has a traditional main house and a court house, where district Court sessions were held until 1944, as well as several outhouses. The Buildings have been restored, and the old windmill has been replaced to retain Enighetens originality.


In the summer the touristinformation at the ferrylanding in Degerby is open from June 14th to August 18th. Monday-Sunday 09.45-18.45 (closed 12.15-13.15). Visit us or Contact us by phone +358 457 342 7274 or by email

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